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Vol. 16 Issue 04

You've read my articles and seen my seminars -- now you can own the entire Collection. Yours, permanently. To watch, as much as you want. Preview (2 min)

This Collection includes professionally-recorded versions of all three High-Speed Digital Design seminars, as taught at Oxford University and other sites worldwide, plus 400 technical Articles, all keyword indexed.

People have been asking for the PowerPoint source to these incredible courses for years. I am pleased to say, you get that too. And, you can share it with everyone in your company. Enjoy.

Best Regards,
Dr. Howard Johnson

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Dr. Howard Johnson, author of High-Speed Digital Design, EDN columnist, and prolific inventor, designed products that affected the lives of hundreds of millions of people based on training he received from those who went before him. Now it's his turn to make the widest possible dissemination of the knowledge he collected over a long career in product development.

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