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High-Speed Digital Design: Advanced Black Magic is an advanced-level reference text for experienced digital designers who want to press their designs to the upper limits of speed and distance. Read more...

High-Speed Digital Design

A Handbook of Black Magic

High-Speed Digital Design book coverHoward W. Johnson and Martin Graham
Prentice Hall, 1993
ISBN 0-13-395724-1

Considered the original "bible" of high-speed design issues, High-Speed Digital Design focuses on a combination of digital and analog circuit theory. This comprehensive volume helps engineers who work with digital systems shorten their product development cycles and fix their latest high-speed design problems.

Content Highlights


"Dr. Howard W. Johnson and Dr. Martin Graham have blessed us with a text that in many ways addresses exactly this juxtaposition of designer and engineer in the high-speed board world....this is one of the finest efforts to come along in the field of applied high-speed digital design because of its focus on providing tools for the whole design team bringing a high-speed product to life. For all the PCB designers and circuit designers out there, buy it; read it; keep it." - Dan Baumgartner, Printed Circuit Design

"'High-Speed Digital Design'...treats the gray area between signals that are digital, and the analog aspects that are so important when you want your digital buses to behave at higher and higher speeds - not a trivial task. This book is there to help, with serious advice and good philosophy." - Bob Pease, Electronic Design

"Engineers who must make high-speed circuits work will find this book invaluable. Johnson and Graham strike what seems to me to be just the right balance between rigor and nuts-and-bolts practicality. The book should be must reading for EE students who aspire to work in digital-hardware design. It should also occupy a place in the libraries of most of the experienced practitioners of the art." - Dan Strassberg, EDN