High-Speed Digital Design Collection

$10,000 one-time, royalty-free license for your whole company.

After 20 years, teaching 12,000 students, Dr. Johnson presented his final public seminars in May, 2014. Those three classes, performed for a live audience, are now available in professionally-recorded form.

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For a small fraction of the original cost of bringing just one of his live classes to your site, you can purchase a License to view all three of Dr. Johnson's recorded seminars, plus all the technical articles in this collection. One License is good for your whole company to watch as much as you want. The one-time License fee of $10,000 gets you permanent, unlimited access to:

  • Videos of all three courses (159 segments totaling 36 hours)
  • All three SiLabs videos (many are incorporated into the seminars)
  • Student handouts (.pdf copies of slides, with notes)
  • Instructor materials (Powerpoint source, 1,152 beautifully drawn slides)
  • Powerpoint animations (.wmv and .avi)
  • All the technical articles on this site (408)
  • Textbook errata and supplementary MathCad files (textbooks are still distributed by Prentice-Hall)

People have been asking for the PowerPoint source to these incredible courses for years. Now you can have it, plus all the live in-class recordings.

Terms of License

How to Use the Collection

The Collection is distributed on a USB hard drive. You may load the Collection (300 GB) onto your internal company server, accessible to all your engineers. All files are viewable with an ordinary browser (HTML5 and CSS3, all links are relative, no Java required).

Once loaded, your engineers may watch any number of video segments, in any order, as many times as they like, limited only by your server's streaming capability. The movie files are supplied in both SD (1 Mb/s) and HD (16 Mb/s) formats. There are no advertisements.

The Collection keyword index, which is duplicated on this public site, allows students to browse through all the movie segments and articles together. Alternately, a student can simply watch each seminar straight through. Most important, the license lets you mix and match pieces of the Collection into your own training materials.

How to Order

  • Contact: info03@sigcon.com | If you want to talk, please email and request a phone number...
  • Payment can be made directly by check or P.O.
  • Credit card payments are accepted via our PayPal account
  • The Collection is delivered on a USB drive